CCSS Ebooks

Several folks have asked about getting Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture volumes as ebooks. All seven volumes in print are currently available for Kindle:

Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Mark

First Corinthians

Second Corinthians


First and Second Timothy, Titus

First and Second Peter, Jude

The CCSS series is also currently on pre-publication sale for Logos Bible Software. Select volumes are also available for Nook, CBD, Sony, and Kobo.

We are working on getting all the volumes available on these latter platforms.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions.


  1. Jeremy

    Can yu provide us with the expected launch dates of new volumes of CCSS? — what is the goal as to when the entire New Testament would be completed? We really want the Romans book as well as Revelation — we hope it is soon!

    • Peter S. Williamson says:

      Hi John,
      As one of the general editors, I’m responding on this one. WEll , it just so happens that I finished commenting on the last verse of the book of Revelation this morning (although I have not written the Intro yet). HOWEVER, that’s the initial draft, and it will need to go through a review and a revision process. So, God-willing, Baker will receive it in early 2013 and publish it a year later.
      I don’t know but will check on the progress of Romans.
      Our next two volumes will be in the Fall of 2013–sorry to make you wait! They are Acts, by Fr. Bill Kurz, SJ and Philippians-Colossians-Philemon by Father Dennis Hamm, SJ.
      Keep our authors and editors in your prayers! Thanks for your interest!

      • Peter

        Thanks so much for setting expectations — I have been thrilled with both the Gospel of Mark and Matthew editions — and am currently working through Ephesians — I have found the books to be outstanding and have greatly valued them in my daily reading — Can’t wait for these new books — Will keep all in my prayers and thanks so much for producing these powerful and inspiring tools for our Faith!