• Provides the text of the New American Bible, the translation approved for liturgical use in the United States, to facilitate use in preaching and catechesis.
  • A set of references links each passage to related Scriptures, Catechism sections, and Lectionary uses of the text
  • An exegesis section explains each unit of the text, employing the normal literary, philological, and historical means, in light of the “content and unity of the whole of Scripture.”
  • Reflection and application sections offer theological reflection on the text or apply it to Christian life today
  • Biblical Background sidebars provide historical, cultural, or philological information.
  • Living Tradition sidebars provide material from the post-biblical Christian tradition that illuminates the text, including quotations from Church documents and from the writings of saints and fathers.
  • Each volume includes a Glossary, a list of Suggested Resources, an Index of Pastoral Topics, and an Index of Sidebars.