Conversations about the Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church by the authors and editors of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. The general editors of the series are Peter Williamson and Mary Healy.

About the series: The Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture (CCSS) aims to serve the ministry of the word of God in the life and mission of the Church by providing accessible yet substantive commentary on each book of the New Testament. Since Vatican Council II, there has been an increasing hunger among Catholics to study Scripture in depth and in a way that reveals its relationship to liturgy, evangelization, catechesis, theology, and daily life. This series responds to that desire by providing commentaries drawn from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship as well as the rich treasury of the Church’s tradition. The CCSS implements the theological principles taught by Vatican II for interpreting Scripture “in accord with the same Spirit by whom it was written”—that is, interpreting Scripture in its canonical context and in the light of Catholic tradition and the analogy of faith (Dei Verbum 12).