First and Second Peter, Jude

by Daniel Keating

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Published: November 2011 Logo – 120×60

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Table of Contents
Discussion Guide
1 Peter 1:1-2
1 Peter 1:3-12

Endorsements & Reviews

“Daniel Keating has produced a clearly written commentary on 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude. It is striking how he integrates his exegetical insights with Catholic tradition and teaching, explains difficult terms and concepts in sidebars and a glossary, and maintains an exegetical flow alongside a practical focus as he carefully applies the three letters to the contemporary reader. This will certainly be a useful work for the layperson wishing to explore and understand these books as well as for the busy pastor who needs quick access, and it will be even more useful if they desire integration with the Catholic Catechism, the Church Fathers, and other relevant insights from Catholic tradition. The level of integration is striking and very much to be commended. Would that more commentators were equally integrated with their own pastoral and theological traditions.”
-Peter H. Davids, author of The First Epistle of Peter (NICNT), The Letters of 2 Peter and Jude (Pillar), and The Epistle of James (NIGTC)

“These biblical books remain in the relatively neglected corner of the New Testament so it is encouraging to have the Catholic Commentary series include them among its volumes. . . . [Keating] does these works justice, particularly the beautiful First Letter of Peter. His commentary traces some of the issues concerning the origin . . . and purpose of the letter, and offers a clear and pastorally rich interpretation of its message.”
-Donald Senior, CPThe Bible Today

“Keating provides brief introductions to 1 and 2 Peter and Jude, touching concisely on issues of authorship and date as well as summarizing their content and central aims. There follows a flowing exegesis of each letter that is informed, lucid, concise, and readable. Where there is a range of scholarly perspectives . . . Keating lays out the alternatives clearly and indicates reasons for his own preference while noting other possible options. . . . In keeping with the aim of the series, this commentary is deeply located within and informed by the rich resources of the Catholic tradition. Readers seeking a clear and accessible guide to these letters, written from a perspective explicitly located within the Catholic tradition, will be very well served indeed.”
-David G. Horrell, Catholic Biblical Quarterly

“Keating’s commentary is scholarly yet lucid, critically aware yet accessible, academic yet engaging. Keating manages to open up the message of these often neglected epistles in a way that draws out both their original meaning and their significance for the life and mission of the church today. While Keating writes from an unashamedly Catholic perspective for a primarily Catholic audience, this commentary deserves to be read by ordinary people from all traditions who want to engage with the letters of Peter and Jude and discover what they have to say for today’s church. An excellent example of a confessional commentary that makes the biblical message accessible to ordinary people.”
-David Ball, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

“Two well-known Petrine scholars combine here to produce this fresh reading of 1 and 2 Peter. Watson and Callan offer analyses accessible to nonspecialists and with plenty for those immersed in these texts to explore. . . . The relative brevity of this commentary is a strength, given the intended readers. Both contributors represent in broad strokes the spectrum of scholarly engagement with the Petrine writings, keeping surveys of long-disputed matters short and to the point. . . . They avoid overwhelming readers with lengthy reviews of the secondary literature, extensive quibbles over grammatical nuances, and other scholarly minutiae that so easily intimidate nonspecialists and threaten readability. . . . There is much here for instructors to use, and I appreciate several ‘threads’ running through both commentaries offering helpful pathways into these letters. . . . Both writers do a nice job of explaining cultural, historical, and literary contexts in a way helpful for student readers, introducing less-familiar subjects along the way. . . . A welcome contribution to Petrine studies quite suitable for classroom use.”
-Michael Gilmour, Catholic Biblical Quarterly

“A valuable tool for Bible study groups or those who prepare homilies. . . . Keating’s commentaries are clear, concise, and solidly based in contemporary scholarship.”
-James Zeitz, Catholic Books Review