First Corinthians

by George T. Montague, SM

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Published: November 2011 Logo – 120×60

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Introduction &
Table of Contents
Discussion Guide
1 Corinthians 1:1-17
1 Corinthians 1:18-25
1 Corinthians 1:26-31


“George Montague’s First Corinthians is a great addition to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. Of all Paul’s letters, First Corinthians is the one that enables us to see the reality of a first-century Christian community and read Paul’s reflections thereon. Drawing from what Paul wrote, Montague shows the continuity between the Church of God at Corinth and the Catholic Church of the twenty-first century. It is as insightful about the one as it is the other.”

-Raymond F. Collins, visiting scholar, Brown University

“Esteemed Catholic biblical scholar George Montague . . . adds this fine commentary to the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. . . . Montague offers a wonderful, constructive, and pastorally sensitive exposition of Paul’s most turbulent letter. . . . Montague draws out the connection between Paul’s dealings with various problems in the Corinthian community and analogous issues today in Catholic life. His commentary on Paul’s letter is clear and informed. In the style of the series, there are helpful sidebars explaining the background of key concepts, along with photos and maps.”

-Donald Senior, CP, The Bible Today

“The special focus of these commentaries on ‘the meaning of the text for faith and life’ includes the following helpful features: brief and clear introductions to each textual unit and where it fits into the overall letter and Paul’s theology, then, after the NAB text, a list of scriptural parallels (OT and NT) followed by references to the Catechism and the Lectionary–very useful for liturgical or study group. . . . Montague’s commentary strikes a good balance between clarifying the main issues treated by Paul in the letter–for nonspecialists–and, for those who have studied the Bible in more depth, not neglecting difficult texts or controversial issues. . . . Montague’s ‘Reflection and Application’ include many concrete examples from his personal experience as priest, celibate religious, and college teacher. This makes the commentary interesting to read . . . and helps clarify the topics for discussions today.”

-James Zeitz, Catholic Books Review

“[Montague] stresses the orality of Paul’s letters, noting that Paul dictated them orally and meant them to be read aloud to the church. This is an oft-neglected aspect of Pauline interpretation, and Montague does well to situate the letter in the pastoral context of Paul’s relationship to the Corinthian assembly. . . . [This volume is] highly readable as [the author] mix[es] reliable interpretation, clear prose, and keen pastoral insight. [It] will be of great benefit to pastors and teachers across Christian traditions.”

-Timothy Gombis, Interpretation

“This commentary is written from the perspective of the Catholic faith, particularly for whose who are interested in studying Scripture to understand their faith and tradition, and to nourish their spiritual life. It is deeply embedded in church tradition and stimulates the reader to learn from the past. The commentary is strong at providing a historical background and a bridge between the text and the contemporary situation. It serves its purpose of enhancing Catholic Christians in their understanding of the Word of God for their life and ministry.”

-Svetlana Khobnya, Journal for the Study of the New Testament