Printby Scott W. Hahn

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Published: November 2017 Logo – 120×60

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“Scott Hahn has written a masterful commentary on Romans that is theologically insightful and pastorally relevant. While dealing adeptly with the historical and literary background of Romans, he always keeps the focus on its theological content and meaning for our lives. I recommend Hahn’s work to all who want to discover the powerful message of Paul’s great Letter to the Romans.”—Frank J. Matera, professor emeritus, Catholic University of America

“Scott Hahn’s commentary on Romans is lucid, penetrating, theologically alert, and a joy to read. It will be of interest to both scholar and nonscholar alike. His status as one of the most prominent Catholic converts from Protestantism makes his treatment of this great Pauline text, which was of such significance to Luther and the other Reformers, of particular interest.”—Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles

“Scott Hahn has written an informative, elegant, and learned commentary on Romans. The exegesis is crisp, the explanations are clear, and the judgments are consistently sensible. One of the best commentaries available on Romans from within the Catholic tradition. A treat to read and a treasure to hold.”—Michael F. Bird, lecturer in theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

“For four decades, Scott Hahn has joyfully studied, debated, preached, taught, and lived Paul’s Letter to the Romans. No biblical book is closer to his heart, with the result that the vibrant wisdom of this commentary exceeds that of commentaries many times its size. Judicious in its sifting of the scholarly literature, profound in its handling of sensitive Jewish-Christian themes, and powerful in its proclamation of the gospel, this deeply Catholic commentary will find a notable place among his most enduring and influential books.”—Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

“In this excellent volume, Scott Hahn takes what is arguably the most difficult book in the New Testament and certainly the most complex of Paul’s writings—the Letter to the Romans—and explains it clearly and convincingly. The result is both an accessible verse-by-verse commentary and a sometimes groundbreaking contribution to Pauline studies. The sidebars on patristic and medieval interpretation of controversial passages are by themselves worth the price of the book. If you are looking for a deeply exegetical and robustly Catholic perspective on Romans, then look no further.”—Brant Pitre, professor of Sacred Scripture, Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

“Scott Hahn has written an understandable commentary with clear reasons for his interpretation of key questions in Romans. He has his eyes fully open to the issues that have challenged readers for two millennia, and he engages the reader’s mind and heart in order to sound the letter’s message more clearly to the Church today. Hahn’s Romans commentary is worthwhile reading for laypeople, clergy, and academics.”—Mark Reasoner, Marian University Indianapolis

“Scott Hahn’s commentary on Romans is based on current historical studies within biblical scholarship, but he also regularly converses with theologians from throughout the centuries. Accordingly, exegetical positions are built on interaction with ancient sources such as the Dead Sea Scrolls and Josephus, but theological discussions engage a wide range of voices such as Origen, Augustine, Aquinas, the Catechism, and Pope Francis. Since it is Catholic in perspective and ecumenical in spirit, all will be rewarded for attending to this volume.”—Ben C. Blackwell, assistant professor of Christianity, Houston Baptist University