Second Corinthians

by Thomas D. Stegman, SJ

320 pp. $22.00p
Published: November 2008

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 Introduction and Chapter 1
Discussion Guide (condensed for printing)

Endorsements & Reviews

“A blessing offered to the whole Church, Tom Stegman’s commentary presents the heart of St. Paul’s message: the fullness of God’s love for us that has opened up a new way of life, empowered by the intimate presence of the Holy Spirit, who shapes us more and more in the likeness of Christ. This inspiring book will encourage numerous Catholics and other Christians in understanding better and accepting more generously a truly Christ-centered existence.”
Gerald O’Collins, SJ, emeritus professor of theology, Pontifical Gregorian University

“Thomas Stegman’s commentary on 2 Corinthians is elegant, clear, and deeply insightful. He takes one of Paul’s hardest letters and makes it intelligible. With a masterful grasp of Paul’s rhetoric, he shows readers how the apostle challenges his ancient readers–and readers today–to live out the character of Jesus Christ.”
-Luke Timothy Johnson, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“[This series] intends to provide solid biblical interpretation that is also sensitive to a Catholic perspective. That approach is admirably fulfilled in this commentary. . . . Stegman provides a lucid and theologically rich commentary that will appeal not only to the Catholic reader but to anyone wanting to savor Paul’s theology in some depth. In the style of this series numerous sidebars provide background information or connections to spirituality and church life. There are also some helpful photos and illustrations along the way.”
-Donald Senior, CPThe Bible Today

“[This commentary] is a christological, pastoral, and Catholic reading of Paul’s extant second letter to the Corinthians. . . . Repeatedly and insightfully, Stegman highlights Paul’s pastoral strategy in dealing with . . . various issues. . . . That the commentary represents a pastoral reading of Paul’s letter is evident in another sense, namely, that its author often addresses words of pastoral insight and pastoral challenge to his readers. To a large extent these appear to have been written to encourage pastors to imitate Paul. At other times they are written to shed light on some of today’s perplexing pastoral issues. . . . Those who make use of this commentary will surely find useful the Old and New Testament references noted after each section of text. These footnoted biblical references are frequently followed by references to Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Latin church’s lectionary. These added references make the commentary a useful resource for the Roman Catholic who is preparing a homily or Bible study session. . . . The ‘Reflection and Application’ added to each section of the commentary along with the short bibliography and a seven-page glossary of terms make this commentary an eminently useful resource for Bible study groups, especially those that are principally composed of Roman Catholics who have waited all too long for resources that enable them to study the Bible within the tradition of their own Roman Catholic faith.”
-Raymond F. Collins, Review of Biblical Literature

“Thomas Stegman’s Second Corinthians provides, as does the rest of the Catholic Commentary [on Sacred Scripture] series, depth of theological exposition from a Catholic perspective.”
-Ray Van NestePreaching