The Gospel of Matthew

by Curtis Mitch & Edward Sri

400 pp. $22.99p
Published: December 2010
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Endorsements & Reviews

“Over forty years ago, the Second Vatican Council called for biblical scholars to study the languages, literature, history, and culture of the Bible while paying close attention to the unity of Scripture, the living tradition of the Church, and the analogy of faith. In this exciting new commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, Curtis Mitch and Edward Sri do an outstanding job of fulfilling the biblical vision of Vatican II. For years I have wished for an up-to-date Catholic commentary on Matthew that would unite history and theology, Scripture and tradition, Old and New Testaments, Jewish roots and Christian faith. Now we have one! This extremely readable commentary should be on the shelf of any priest, deacon, seminarian, or layperson who wants to bring out ‘treasures new and old’ from the pages of the First Gospel.”
-Brant Pitre, professor of Sacred Scripture, Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

“Is it possible to write a historically informed commentary on the Gospel of Matthew that does not position itself skeptically vis-a-vis the claims made in the narrative? Catholic scholars have for some time been hesitant to answer yes. In this volume, Curtis Mitch and Edward Sri invite us to meet the Jesus depicted by the evangelist Matthew–to meet him in his historical context and to meet him without fear that Matthew is leading us astray. The result is like meeting Jesus again for the first time: the Jesus whom we worship in the liturgy meets us in the Gospel as the living, breathing first-century Jew who is Emmanuel, God with us.”

-Matthew Levering, professor of theology, University of Dayton

“This is a recent contribution to a fine series that intends to provide solid biblical interpretation that also reflects a Catholic perspective, particularly on how the Bible relates to everyday life. The authors of this commentary provide a solid exposition of the text and certainly fulfill the point of this series in making thoughtful connections between the message of Matthew and Catholic life.”
-Donald Senior, CPThe Bible Today